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NeuroTrac® PC Software


Product Description

  • How to obtain

    Compatibility and performance


    Who may use this Software

    • This Software is an accessory to NeuroTrac devices which have EMG or ETS functionality: MyoPlus family and Simplex. This software facilitates and expands the user interface and features of your EMG Biofreedback /ETS unit.
    • Designed to be used for a wide range of physiotherapy applications.
    • Designed for therapist in mind. Can be used by the Patient for home training.
    • Used as Biofeedback assessment and training tool.
    • Typical use: Relaxation training. Muscular self-control training, especially for stroke and incontinence rehabilitation. Muscular balance training for knee rehabilitation.


    Therapist tools

    • PC Database System for Patients Sessions and Home Compliance storage.
    • Single or Dual Channel EMG data and Neuromuscular Stimulation (ETS)
    • monitoring and data storage.
    • Individual structured patient EMG template design.
    • Structured protocols for consistency of patient evaluation.
    • Comprehensive treatment and printed Progress Reports.
    • Download & Maintenance of the Home Compliance data.
    • Displays stimulation time and EMG between STIM Work periods, which are particularly useful for the correct using of Stimulation.
    • Displays EMG as low as 0.2μV and up to 2000μV.
    • Analysis statistics, records and prints off comprehensive reports of work/rest averages, onset muscle contraction and release time, peak value, work / rest standard deviations, average current used and stimulation time

  • The Licence Key and how to get it

    You can always download the latest Software from here. Once installed, it can be used for a trial period of 15 days, afterwards you may purchase the licence key from your distributor if you want to upgrade the existing software version 4.01 or earlier. Please visit our dedicated Software page where you can find all the important information about the compatibility, about moving your existing database to the new installation, and any other technical issues.

    The licence key comes as a PDF document and could be emailed or printed for you. The licence is inside the Demo Kit which is included in any bluetooth-enabled NeuroTrac unit. For the NeuroTrac unit with the fiber optic output, the Fiber Optic Kit should be additionally purchased from your distributor, but if you already have the white Fibre Optic to USB adaptor and fibre optic cable from your old software, the only think you need to obtain is the licence.

    For the ease of use and distribution, we have just one licence type:

    • 5 Activations licence: you can use the same activation code up to 5 times to activate your Installations on many devices.

    How the activation works:
    The activation binds together three items:

    1. activation licence key to
    2. the installation executable and
    3. your hardware and operating system.

    For example, if you re-install Windows (may or may not be the case depending on the Windows version) or change some important hardware on your computer (microprocessor or motherboard) – you may be prompted to Activate your Software one more time.

    Please note: the database which contains logins and recorded sessions is not covered by the licence, database is a file which can travel freely from one installation to another without any licence limitations, as the licence is for the installation, it is not a part of your database. Your database is fully encrypted.

    Software packages and Accessories

    DEMO KIT – Included in any wireless-enabled NeuroTrac device. Suitable for new installation or upgrade of the existing old version of Software. The kit contains:

    • Wireless Adaptor.
    • Quick Start instruction, which tells you how to download and install the Software.
    • Standard software licence for 5 activations (printed on A4 sheet).

    FIBER OPTIC KIT – This kit is a stand-alone product with all the fibre-optic accessories. This kit is suitable for the owners of NeuroTrac devices with the fiber optic data communication. Suitable for new installation or upgrade. The kit contains:

    • Fibre Optic USB Adaptor.
    • Fibre Optic cable.
    • Quick Start instruction, which tells you how to download and install the Software.
    • Standard software licence for 5 activations (printed on A4 sheet).

    Fiber Optic Kit

    Please note that the latest software works only with the white fiber optic adaptor, as on the picture above. This type of the adaptor is on the market since 2007. if you already has the white adaptor and fiber optic cable, then the most cost effective option will be to purchase the licence only. If you have the old black or gray serial port adaptor from the very old Software, you will need to purchase the Fiber Optic kit to get all the necessary accessories.